Sportsbook statistics and reports management allows you to access the most comprehensive statistical service within a fully customizable graphical environment, adapted on your needs.

Statistics and Reports Management


Statistics are a very important and decisive factor for many players and a crucial part of their betting decisions. Our team provides you with a high quality tool that gives you the in-depth, at-a-glance background information every player needs so that you can create the loyal players that your business needs.

We create statistics and reports for betting shops, customers/users, websites and betting channels.

Our service gives you the ability to offer the players with a one-stop-shop for very high quality sports data, both live and historical and in impressive detail. Access is unlimited and 24/7, to ensure you can give even the most demanding players the information they want.

Our end purpose is to enhance the player experience by covering their need to immediate access to background data that builds and ensures their loyalty, since they don’t have to look elsewhere for the information. Furthermore, players who are looking for detailed background information and statistics and are influenced by it, have the tendency to be more confident when they have unlimited access to such data. And more confident players have the tendency to increase their wager values. Thus, a high level statistical service is an important tool for revenue growth, as well as a player experience enhancement.

This service gives you access to comprehensive and sophisticated information, based on complete historical and live data. Customisable layouts and graphics may be adapted to suit your preferences, while the tool presents impressive broad and deep data, automatically managed to provide a quick, easy and rewarding user search experience. The graphical environment is attractive, easy to use and incorporates advanced functionality for a positive user experience.

At a quick glance we could suggest that our statistical service makes sure that over 20 sports are covered, more than 200 countries are included, over 20 years of accurate historical data for top leagues are presented and over 1100 sports events, including more than 380 soccer tournaments, are at your disposal.

Even though, historical data are important, for an accurate statistical experience our complete match statistics include date, stadium, referee, line-ups, substitutions, yellow/red cards, etc. Our team statistics include list of team players, stadium information, manager, etc. and our complete player statistics include player's nationality, date of birth, team, transfer history, position, shirt number, height, weight, preferred foot, etc.

Given the vast variety of available information, each player may choose to look at:

  • Head-to-head statistics
  • League tables
  • Top rankings
  • Team statistics
  • Match statistics
  • Player/Individual statistics
  • Fixtures
  • Match results
  • Or other data upon request

Our end goal is always an enhanced player experience and satisfaction, visually impressive information screens, a massive variety of statistical data to assist in bettor decisions, and higher wager values through data quality and improved player retention.