Sportsbook is an advanced tool for operators, providing all the information needed in the most accurate, immediate and efficient way.

Intelligent Risk management

We are here to create reports and filter results per customer, per shop, per user and per event. We keep updated records and produce real-time risk management reports and notifications customized to serve your needs.

Our team ensures real-time events liability for accurate a priori probability calculation and what-if modeling, while our market dynamics analysis provides you with secure and fully-fledged trading. At the same time, our optimized and highly redundant platform keeps you informed on all movements, while other tools provided, allow records to be filtered by league and sport.

On our platform you are able to synchronize event and market budgeting with live movements and follow up on all events, market and outcomes.

High bets are accepted as pending approval before the end of the match and set up event suspension rules are enforced to prevent unexpected cash flows. At the same time player profiling is active with instant betting and financial highlights.

To secure a seamless betting experience, continuous account controls are carried out to identify abrupt changes and detection routines. We are able to retrieve and sort player accounts with an array of search conditions.

On our platform you have the ability to gain precious business insight, oversee your revenue and explore markets, countries and leagues to discover what will bring you more profit. All these are now easy due to our sophisticated filtering and sorting palette, which create a safe bet analysis environment with a very large amount of data with premium performance and flexibility that give you the opportunity to explore bet insights and identify punters.

With the activation of our special real-time tool, you are able to be notified on bet beats and decline over-limit bets when required. With integrated filters and audio alerts, you can take immediate action and maintain line balance control and force operators to risk levels for effective process separation.

Furthermore, you have the chance to control the chance factor with a subtle limit boundary. You may define groups and limits on player accounts to align your returns, monitor traffic and individualize selected players with personalized risk and safe limit tuning.

On an even more advanced risk management level, our team secures you access to high-level of proprietary anti-fraud and risk management systems which ensure business will go smooth and no issues will disrupt your attention from your marketing efforts.

As already stated, each user’s behavior is thoroughly monitored by our processes that ensure no unwanted visitors may access the website and any of the data. At the same time, regardless if you are managing bets on your own or we are doing it for you, our platform provides a complete set of settings that allow setting up minimum and maximum limits on bets based on sport, event, time of day, day of month, past/current bankroll and will identify high risk markets and generate immediate feedback if management action is required.

Finally, in the case you are under contract with a third party betting agency or insurance company, our platform is able to keep all business stakeholders informed on all activity at all times, so that immediate action can be taken in the event of a potential disaster. As we highlighted before chance is limited in our business and we make sure you have peace of mind knowing all your users’ bets are covered.